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Plan 3112

Hog Barn (Farrow to Finish Pens)

Image - Hog Barn

This plan is designed for the small swine enterprise where flexibility in use of pens is required. All the pens are the same size and are designed so that they can be adapted to any and all parts of the operation: dry sows, boars, farrowing, weanling, and growing finishing. These pens are intermediate in size between regular feeder pens and farrowing pens. They are 4'-0" or slightly more in width and 13'-0" long. For use in farrowing a front creep and guard rails are installed within the pen.

Hog Barn (Farrow to Finish Pens) Leaflet (Imperial)

Hog Barn (Farrow to Finish Pens) Plans (Imperial)

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